Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Maybelle - "Ring Dang Dilly" - Savoy, 1956(?)

Big Maybelle, or Mabel Louise Smith as her momma called her, put out a ton of great R&B, Blues and Gospel. She is probably best known for her '56 hit "Candy" but she has a long catalog of releases, mostly on Savoy. Mabel's big hits were in the 50s, starting with "Gabbin' Blues" in '52. Unfortunately drug and health issues took center stage in the 60s (although she did release a hit cover of "96 Tears" in '67). She passed away in '72 from complications due to diabetes.  This single was Mabel at the top of her game, and it rocks pretty hard if you ask me.

Savoy Records was founded in 1942 by Herman Lubinsky. Based out of Newark, NJ, the label focused mostly on Jazz, Blues, and RnB. Lubinsky died in 1974 and I believe the releases stopped then. All Music guide describes him as "famous for being a rather profane cheapskate who had a low opinion of many of the musicians that he recorded". Savoy Records was purchased by Arista in 1975.

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