Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hullaballoos - "Party Doll" - Roulette, 1964

I thought today's post would illustrate pretty nicely the evolution of Rock from the 50's to the 60's.  This tune was originally by Buddy Knox, and we covered it on this blog back in  August of '10 here, but I've got the clip here for comparison:

The original version was released in '57. Now when The Hullaballoos come around in '64, they take the original and turn the volume and tempo up to 11. Now we're rocking to a beat those crazy 60's cats can really groove to!

The Wikipedia hive-mind tells us The Hullaballos were considered "british invasion" and hailed from Hull, England (hence the name). This explains why they were able to take American music, expand on it, and sell it back to us so effortlessly.
Ah, what British smiles you have!
We covered Roulette in the original Buddy Knox post, check that for details on the label.

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