Monday, April 25, 2011

Eddie Bo - "Tell Me Why" - Apollo, 1956

For the fourth and last installment in my series of posts on Eddie Bo, I thought we'd change up the styles again.  Eddie Bo put out many flavors of tunes over his career, so why not sample a few.  We heard how Eddie can Rock, we heard some very New Orleans R&B flavor, and we heard some glorious Funk.  So today we've got a bluesy ballad for ya. "Tell me why?" Eddie demands to know. "Why did you do this to me?" Getting your heart broken sure does hurt, but boy some good music can come of it.
Based in New York City, Apollo Records was started by Ike and Bess Berman in 1945.  Although the label initially put out music in a variety of styles, they settled on R&B in the early fifties and are particularly remembered for vocal R&B groups like The Five Royals and The Larks. I believe the label folded in '59.

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