Monday, April 18, 2011

Curley Moore & The Kool Ones - "Shelley's Rubber Band" - House of Fox, 1970(?)

This week's 45 is yet another in the series of Eddie Bo records.  Although credited to "Curley Moore And The Kool Ones", this one's got Eddie Bo all over it.  Great funk for the dancefloor, with some springy reverb used to amp up that rubber band groove.  There's a tune by the Meters called "Stretch Your Rubberband" and a tune by Eddie Bo called "The Rubber Band" - was this a dance?
Check out this post at Funky 16 corners for some info on Curley Moore, I actually don't own any other 45s by him but I'm on the lookout.
I couldn't find any info on the House of the Fox label, or Leian Rogers Enterprises.  Please pass it along if you have some!
Now get funky!

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  1. This is my uncle and i am trying to find this label people to talk to them about something. if you have any info please email me Thans God Bless!