Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ramrocks - "On The Rocks" - Antler Records, 1959

I love these kinda silly, kinda lounge-y, kinda drunken instrumental jams from the late-50s. Middle-aged men at the club, drunkenly leering at the cocktail waitresses.  This one's spiced up with a little latin edge.
Wasn't able to dig up any info on the Ramrocks out there. I was able to find a discography for Antler Records, which suggests they were only active from '59 to '60. I don't see too many names familiar to me in the lineup aside from the Teen Queens. The label indicates they were based out of NYC.  I believe this tune was on one of the wonderful "Las Vegas Grind" comps.

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  1. also came out on the "Disc Jockey 45 - 42 original title "Hot Rock"