Monday, March 28, 2011

The Jamaicans - "Ba Ba Boom" - Treasure Isle, 1967

This week it's some Rocksteady bidness from The Jamaicans!  My collection of Rocksteady is almost nonexistent, which is a shame because this music is amazing. Hopefully I can fix that this year.
For a large chunk of cash the nice man in Jamaica sent me a thrashed record
First starting out as a two man outfit called the Cool Shakes,  the band grew to five members and became The Jamaicans.  After cutting a few singles with Treasure Isle, they entered "Ba Ba Boom" in the '67 Jamaica Independence Festival's song competition and took first place.

The Jamaicans split in '72 but not before dropping a few more nice bits. Check out "Things You Say You Love" and "Black Girl".

Treasure Isle was a small label run by Arthur "Duke" Reid. The label was named after his family business - a liquor store! Before the label his "Duke Reid's the Trojan" sound system was one of the better known ones on the island.

The label released ska and rocksteady tunes in the 60s but the output slowed in the 70's. Duke was never was a big supporter of the roots reggae sound and that limited the growth of the label.  I believe Treasure Isle came to an end when Duke passed away in '75 from cancer.
Now get ready - time to rocksteady!

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