Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Sambo & The Housewreckers - "At The Party" - Eric, 1960(?)

This is a great Little Richard-style stomper of a party tune.  Details however, are sketchy - speak up if you know something!
Big Sambo & The House Wreckers were from Beaumont, Texas, led by sax honker James Young.

"The Rains Came", on the flip, is the more well-known song from this single. You'll note the record indicates Huey Meaux aka "The Crazy Cajun" was involved.  Huey is a DJ/Publisher/Label Owner who made his mark in Texas after moving at a young age from his hometowm near Kaplan, Louisiana. He was involved with artists like Barbara Lynn, Joe Barry and Rod Bernard and T. K. Hulin. Huey's probably best known for his Friday night radio program on KPFT-FM in Houston.
Back to Mr Young - it seems the single's rise to fame was interrupted by some angry folks at the NAACP who demanded Young lose the "Big Sambo" moniker. Also interesting, the Sir Douglas Quintet covered the flip and had a hit with it in'66.
From what I can gather, Eric Records was a subsidiary of Tear Drop Records, which Heuy Meaux started sometime around 1960.  If the dates are right, that makes this record an early release for the label.
And of course, the clip:

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