Monday, November 1, 2010

Kathy Keegan - "Nobody's Gonna Hurt You" - Al-Brite Records, 1960(?)

Info is really scarce for today's 45! All I could really dig up on Kathy Keegan is that she is perhaps English-born but was living in New York (second hand info which is supposedly from the liner notes in her "When You're Young And In Love" album on DCP International (DCL 3800).
This is only pic I could find!
The vibe of this tune really reminded me of Wanda Jackson's "Funnel of Love", but I believe Keegan's song came out about a year before Wanda's. Lack of available info on this singer or this song make me wonder if it didn't rise above a local hit, which would be a real shame!
"...there is a touch of Judy Garland in Keegan's vocal delivery, but the vocalist is still distinctively Keegan. Petite (4 feet 11 inches, 100 lbs), Kathy projects in clarity of tone and quality of purpose all that she sings." - Billboard, April 25,1964
Other articles of this period indicate Mrs. Keegan had a busy nightclub and television apperance schedule, appearing at places like the Copacabana in New York, The Flamingo in Vegas, The Ed Sullivan Show, etc.
Al-Brite label info is also scarce.  I do know they were a small Brooklyn-based label.  I found this partial discography here, with most of the release dates missing:
I also dug up this ad from the November 30, 1959 issue of Billboard Magazine.
The label's addresss is in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn and looks to be a Chinese market of some sort currently.
And now, the clip!

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  1. She was on Steve Allen TV Show a few times when it originated in N.Y. She had minor hit with "This is the life" on U.A. Arranged by Don Costa. It was an Adams-Strouse number. This was in 1961.