Monday, August 9, 2010

The Pacesetters - Ronnie's Beat - Wink, 196?

Lately, why does it seem I'm picking 45s to discuss that I can find no info on? Today I pulled out this nice little RnB instro I found, as usual, in a stack of dollar 45s. There's some great honking sax work on this, which as you've probably figured out gets my blood moving.
I recently picked up a Goldmine 45 guide for research purposes, only to find that most of these 45s are not in there. Scouring the web left me little in the way of information. I kept coming across pages for William "Bootsy" Collins' first band, which in some sources is called the "Pacesetters" and in others is called the "Pacemakers" (actually, some sources switch between both names, adding to my confusion).

"Bootsy" Collins

At any rate, the Pacemakers/Pacesetters went on to become James Brown's J.B.s, and of course, stardom with Parliament-Funkadelic. But is this the band that produced this 45? Or is this related to the The äva label's "The Pace-Setters"? Or the "Pace Setters"? This quest for info leaves me with more questions than answers.
Facts on label Wink Records is just as scarce. All I know is that they were based out of New York City. I found a (partial?) label discography here - but of course, there's no dates or further info. By the sound of this record, I'm guessing this is early 60's, perhaps late 50s.
Anyone out there with more info? Anyone?
And now, the clip!

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