Monday, July 12, 2010

The Originals - Sleepless Hours - Jackpot, 1958

I guess I'd call this R&B, but this is one sleazy piece of wax! This song would be right at home in a 50's era Vegas strip-club.  The crowd hoots and hollers while the ladies shake it dangerously!
I'm having a heck of a time finding info on The Originals. BUT - I'd like to note, "Awesome name!" I can't help but think of that bit in the Spinal Tap movie:
Nigel Tufnel: "And then, we looked at each other and said..."
David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean): "Said, look, why not?"
Nigel: "...we might as well join up. You know?"
David: "So, we became the Originals."
Nigel: "Right."
David: "And, uh, we had to change our name, actually."
Nigel: "Well, there was another group, in the east end, called the Originals and we had to rename ourselves."
David: "the New Originals."
Nigel: "the New Originals."
David: "Yeah."
Nigel: "And they became..."
David: "...the Regulars. They changed their name back to the Regulars. And we thought we could go back to the Originals, but what's the point?"
But I digress..
The only info I could find on The Originals was that they did a release, also on Jackpot/Challenge, with the legendary Danny Flores AKA Chuck Rio.

Danny Flores was known for his hit "Tequila" - which he wrote and performed sax on (which was famously used in one of the best scenes in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"). Later Danny and The Originals put out a tune called "Margarita" which is in the vein of "Tequila" but dare I say - superior! If you see it, grab it! There's a good chance Mr. Flores did the sax on today's tune, but I can't be certain.

The info I have on Jackpot is from the fine folks at Color Radio:
Jackpot records was a Hollywood based label, with offices out of 6920 Sunset Boulevard. It had a fairly short life span, turning out 21 records in about a year and a half. And what a variety those 21 records turned out to be! Instrumentals, vocal groups, pop, and country. They were also a subsidiary of the Challenge label located on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood. Owners of the label included Joe Johnson, Johnny Thompson, Bernie Solomon, and most famously, Gene Autry - The Singing Cowboy himself! He was the main shareholder and certainly an executive with high visibility. He was part of JAT music publishing which you see listed on many of the Jackpot sides, that included Johnson,Autry and Thompson. He recorded several sides for Challenge, but none for Jackpot. His interest in the label lasted only five months, and he was bought out by the other partners.
And now, the clip! Feel the sleaze oozing from your speakers!

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