Monday, May 17, 2010

Bobby Peterson - Piano Rock - V-Tone Records, 1960

There's not too much info out there on Bobby Peterson, but here's what I could dig up courtesy of the folks at the Black Cat Rockabilly site:
Bobby Peterson was a pianist / vocalist from Chester, Pennsylvania, who started out imitating Ray Charles in smoky little bars on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Further musical apprenticeship was served as piano player for a vocal outfit known as the Apollos. In 1958 Bobby teamed up with sax player Joe Pyatt, who needed a singer and key- board player for his new combo and the Bobby Peterson Quintet was born. The other members were David Butler (drums), Chico Green (bass) and Jamo Thomas (congas and bongo). They made six remarkable singles for Buddy Caldwell's Philly-based V-Tone label between 1959 and 1961, before disbanding permanently in 1962.

"Piano Rock" is a wild piano rocker instro which was paired with "Irresistible You". "Irresistible You" went to # 15 R&B and # 96 pop, and was later covered by Bobby Darin. Unfortunately, my record has a huge scratch on that side so I'm attempting some digital audio ninjary to whip it into playable condition.
Info on V-Tone Records is also scarce, this from Both Sides Now:
"One-time upholsterer Venton "Buddy" Caldwell started his own V-Tone label in 1958 in Philadelphia. The same year, he started Len Records as a subsidiary. V-Tone lasted until 1962 and Len until 1960. The company was located at 2034 Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia. When he discontinued V-Tone in late 1962, the last record was Fay Simmons' "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie"/"Where Is My Love" [V-Tone 237]. Caldwell then started the Palm label, and began with the exact same single, renumbered Palm 300, with the V-Tone master number scratched out and the Palm number written in on the dead wax. The Palm label only issued a handful of singles in 1963 before folding. "
I was able to find this compilation which has these two songs and the other big hits from the Bobby Peterson Quintet here: Irresistible You
And here's the clip!

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