Monday, April 12, 2010

The 3 Honeydrops - "Rockin' Satellite" - Music City, 1957

1957 was the year the first successful satellite, Sputnik, was put into orbit. This was a huge egg on the face of the US who fancied themselves the leaders in space exploration over the Soviets, and was the event that kicked off the "Space Race" in ernest. Congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce referred to Sputnik's beeps as "an intercontinental outer-space raspberry to a decade of American pretensions that the American way of life was a gilt-edged guarantee of our national superiority". Hah! Throughout the early 60s one finds quite a few examples of songs inspired by this. I have a particular fondness for ditties about little green men, of which there are many.
The 3 Honeydrops put out two records for Music City, which was run by Ray Dobard in Berkeley, California from 1954-1975. "Honey Drop" / "In The Summer" and "Rockin Satellite" / "You're The One For Me", both in '57. This was the only information I was able to find, and all of it came from . Thanks! If you have more info, please share!
"Rockin' Satellite" tells a tale of going into space and landing on a planet only discover it full of rockin' and dancin' creatures. Actually all the similar songs of this era confirm the dancing prowess of aliens. Must be because of those extra legs.
And now, the clip!


  1. If you're asking to hear a clip, I think that can be arranged - but I probably won't have time to rip it for a few days. Let me know, and thanks for reading!